LIQUWELL is an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient ingredient used in the manufacturing of corrugated cardboard products. One of the components of the LIQUWELL finishing material is lignosulfonate, a by-product from the production of wood pulp
Lignin – the material which gives wood its rigidity – significantly improves the stiffness of paper when used for surface finishing. LIQUWELL, mixed into the starch through the size press or film press of the paper machine, has the following advantages:

  • Increases the stiffness of paper or facilitates the production of lower weight paper with the same stiffness properties,
  • Saves drying costs
  • Saves starch
  • The higher amount of dry material used on the finishing device reduces the risk of paper tears and downtime
  • Single-sided finishing
  • No other stiffness-increasing ingredients are required

The application of LIQUWELL is simple: No special preparations are needed; the implementation of a few technological changes guarantees optimal results.

Now you can experience the efficiency of LIQUWELL on your own paper machine. Preparations and technological setup required for using LIQUWELL are carried out by our experts.

In Hungary, LIQUWELL is distributed by the license owner, TECHNOFILL Kft.; in other countries the official distributor and WELLTECH Kft.

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